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Candidate Cary Urka

The Do Nothing Candidate

- Cary Urka

My name is Cary Urka and I am running for the 101st House of Representatives seat.  Although I am running as a Republican, I am a true outsider with no ties to anyone or anything other than my church and my tractor shows.  Since I have no special interests endorsing me, and no agenda of my own to pursue, I can truly represent the needs of my constituents without the usual politic process getting in the way.

Lansing is full of people who have made being a politician a career instead of a service, and their only real agenda is to stay in office.  Our state capital is full of experts, and where has that gotten us?  I am not an expert, but I know how things are supposed to work and that is not the Lansing of today. 

You will find people who will say that I am the worst candidate in this race, and I probably would agree with them - because I haven't been paid by anyone to say anything. I have no endorsements nor have I not sought any.  The endorsement process is essentially overwhelming at times.  Special interest groups want to pay money to your campaign as long as you say what they want.

I believe that there should be three or four people running for every race.  Why aren't there?  The process is stacked against the common man.  I have made mistakes in my life and I own them.  My independence from special  interests allows me to speak candidly and without fear of recrimination.  There are many people from Washington trying to engineer your local and state politics, and it has been this way for decades.  Most other issues I view as smokescreens, but this issue is central to my campaign:  Washington needs to stop providing and supporting candidates for our important state elections.  Our state needs be represented by Michiganders, and not 'experts' from Washington.

Going through the process of becoming a candidate has opened my eyes to several disturbing facts.  If, as a candidate, you are not willing to say or sign what the powers that be want you to, then you get no support. Now in theory this shouldn't matter, but in the real world money talks and those who align themselves with the money get the support. This is not good for the people, as you end up with candidates that are bought and paid for and will only do what their masters allow them to.  I am not supported by or endorsed by anyone, so I am free to honestly represent the people.

Everyone promises to be the horse trader candidate.  I promise to be a pain in the ass.  I will be a burr under a saddle, a pea under the mattress, a pebble in the shoe, a stick in the spokes.  I will not just go along with the herd, I'm going to question on the trail we are on.  I will watch for the fox that is coming to raid the treasury.

I am the worst candidate in the race for any type of special interests and for both parties really. No lobby types want me and neither do either party, this is good for the people however.

     There are some good people in government but the way it looks the show is mostly run by some self serving turds who I have almost no intention of "learning to get along with others".  If I get a bead on some of these self serving rat bastards the one campaign promise I can keep is I will be as big a pain in the arse as I can be.  It seems the more experts we get the worse things become. The more big ideas we get the bigger the problem becomes and I fully intend to add as little as possible to the problems and disrupt as much as possible the 'status quo' of doing things.

     I had a Senator tell me rather proudly that under his 41 years of banking experience and tenure that the law went from 4000 pages to over 20K, and as he said this with a straight face and a smile and I had to think - all his expertise didn’t help so much as a pinch, it only contributed to the problem.

     The little guy cant do squat anymore, and it seems pretty much anyone with a big degree can really take a slug to the cleaners and tell him to piss off after. This seems more prevalent under the professions these days. This has a lot to do with health care and business regulation. Medical billing gets very little attention, not necessarily the insurance rates but the billing process - I have even seen an invoice that beat the patient home from an overnight stay!

     Regarding 'business regulation', are we talking about safety codes for the common man or this catch phrase we seem to keep hearing which is usually lawyer-speak for banking, insurance, finance and merger. It seems to me some oversight may have been way cheaper in many cases.  A lot of it seems to be diluted by a trickle down theory, which makes a case for self policing but end up trying to pin the financial collapse on dumb sheets couldn’t afford the loans they were given.\

     If you are happy with government today then I am not for you - you want to elect someone to kiss tail, not work for you. If you want someone to try to stick it to the guys that most deserve it then I am your guy. You want a list of pocket formal endorsements not for you, ask a couple deputies I am familiar with who they would want hitting for them in a bind and one may get a different response than a formal one, or ask a few lawyers and county prosecutors if they would like to face me daily for 2 years.

     I have a long list of issues and ideas about what's wrong with government.  Not so much the popular, hot topic issues, which mainly seem to be used as tools to divide, because on most of these I am neutral but really despise the political tools they have become.  No one I know is for abortions and a flaming gay lifestyle, it's not for me, but if we really want government to stay out of our business then let's leave these people alone. Some of them could sit down and shut up too and it wouldn’t bother me but here in my world they don’t bother me.

     I really was curious about the endorsement process and early on was a bit intimidated which really caused a fatal error to this campaign I doubt I can recover from, a painful but true lesson.  I am often asked why I might not have a decisive opinion on one thing or another but does the NRA or the Optometrist of Western Michigan really need my opinion? Seems to me they already have plenty of mouthpieces on their side as it is. The right or the left isn't under represented, no one is being unfair and quenching their opinions, but it looks more like the small guy is the one getting stuck with the bill and told to sit down and shut up.

     This is the line of thinking that has me. Take the VA for example, a fine enough organization and a big discussion about a 10 million dollar line item for care but not 2 cents said to 140 million in bonuses to the administrators to screw it up, same for the TSA. The VA is supposedly managed by the finest medical and business minds!  Maybe we should promote the janitor for a while and see how it goes.

     This is going to be the new class warfare, those with big student loans feeling entitled  to more than the rest of the ones that don’t. We will have to shed a tear for this issue just over the horizon and its going to distress some banks again, another bubble.  Its more true than its ever been; as a fine judge said, in one college town smoking weed is a ticket, in the next county over in the poor district it’s a criminal offense.

     You can bet the little guy will take it on the chin while some doctors and lawyers pocket some change. Same for insurance, you can be 200# overweight and cant pry a slushie pop from their hand but smoke some weed and you got a problem.   You can have all the prescription pain meds you want but if you need some mental health care, good luck.

On another note I have other views that may not be conventionally Republican, I don’t think everyone will self police in business and have a lot of respect for unions. I have some personal and family history. There are places needed yet and may in fact help and really have some potential in the future for a fluid and skilled workforce.  I want an open forum where one can ask, I might answer, yes no maybe. 

Here is a letter to the editor I wrote to the Manistee News Advocate:


      My name is Cary Urka and I was on the same forum at the League of Women Voters.  The Sheriff's forum really says it all. The candidates are so fearful of the wrath of the gun lobby they have to endorse almost every version of any law that appears to be pro gun. One question asked was “How do we stop mass shootings of police?” and another was “How do we enable  more people to get more specialized fringe equipment?” and there was even some effort to leave the impression that all the cops want a heavily armed public and that we would be better off for it. 
     Even the most ardent liberals in the room are basically 2nd amendment supporters, including myself.  Some hunt and I haven’t heard anything from them about people trying to take their guns, their targets, or even their self defense weapon.  Does the Sheriff HAVE to come out and make a case for armament in order to get elected?  We have our Sheriffs debating about people getting silencers and grenade launchers.  They have to say this because the lobbyists tells them to.  If I am against citizens having grenade launchers am I anti-gun?  How many times we hear of these nuts buying some of this stuff legally. Would we be safer if the market was open to cheap imported automatic weapons from China and shipped into Manistee County?  Would I be anti-gun if I felt that having cheap Chinese manufactured weapons at Wal-Mart like cheap Chinese toys for your children is a bad idea? The issue isn’t gun control for the citizenry, the issue is keeping guns out of the hands of the nuts who want to kill cops and kids. 

Cary Urka for 101st House of Representatives

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